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So this year I wanted to challenge myself. I have only been quilting for 3 years and there is so much still to learn.  I love love love flying geese and wanted to learn how to do them well. I have now completed 2 mini quilts that are all flying geese. I am now in love with them. Flying geese are amazing. Since I figured out how to do the flying geese I decided to tackle a quilt pattern I have always loved. The Swoon by Thimble Blossoms. Well my first block was tricky but I caught on fast. The directions are great very clear. And yesterday I finished my 9 blocks for my quilt.
Now to cut all the sashing.  Since I was waiting for the last fabric for my last block (last minute design change)  I decided to make a baby swoon. So the swoon block is big. Approx 24x24" so I made that block the focus and just bordered out the rest. I'm going to have this baby quilt long armed. I'll show you my progress shots 

Well the fabric I am waiting on in order to start my last swoon block is finally in Canada which means by Friday I can get started on it. But in the meantime I am making progress on my triangle quilt for my son. 13 rows done only 3 more to go before I can start assembling it.
So since I had to take time off my swoon quilt to wait for the last fabric to arrive from Texas (last minute change) I decided to work on my son's 4th birthday quilt that he is getting in February 2016. I started this quilt top 2.5 months ago and only got 2 rows done. In 2 days I have significantly increased that. In the end it will have 16 rows. Not in any hurry to start another triangle quilt lol.
I have finished 4 more rows, just haven't ironed them yet for a pic. At least I'm getting closer to getting to the point where I can put this quilt top together. By the way the pattern and fabric are from the amazing Vanessa Christenson my favourite designer