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Well today, is a quiet day, ok well quiet moment. Mr Minion had one surgery today, one minion is at school the other with her Nonna. I thought I would pop on to share some of the quilts I made earlier this year. I am working on a bunch of projects right now, finishing a commissioned baby quilt and teachers gifts. I will post pics of those as they are done.

lately I have been working on my WIP's. As quilters we have way too many of these as we often start a new project long before the last one is even close to completion. I have managed though to finish 2 very large projects that I started months ago.

This is my supernova quilt (and my puggle) I had to stand way up my stairs to get this pic as this is a huge queen size quilt. I was first inspired to make this one I saw a pic on Instagram in these colours, it was a block made for a charity quilt and I fell in love. I do love a big block quilt though they do still take time. The pattern is from Freshly Pieced and I have made several …
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Good morning everyone!
Today is a PD day for the kids so we are all at home having fun together. Only 9 days left in school this year. Hard to believe how fast it has all gone. I can't believe I haven't posted some of the quilts I finished earlier this year so here they are

This mini sewing machine was made for a good friend I actually have never met. Conni and I met on Instagram and have become great friends. Hopefully one day we will get the chance to meet in person. The pattern for this mini quilt is from Fat Quarter shop. I just love how it turned out
This quilt was made for my Son's 5th birthday. I make them 2 quilts a year, one each for Christmas and one for their birthday. He requested these colours and I knew exactly what pattern. This quilt would not have come together without the help of the Instagram community. A bunch of lovely quilters from Canada and the US helped me by sending me blocks so that I could get this finished in time. I love it, I backed it in Fir…
So I have been very busy doing something most of us creative folk have a hard time with. Finishing the things we start lol. It's hard because well, we have so much going on in our heads that quite often we start a new project before others are complete. These 2 quilts are exactly that, started a while ago, but finally complete! The first is the gorgeous Fresh quilt, this quilt is huge 98' I love it so much!!! It was supposed to be for me but then I decided my mom would love it, so I ended up giving it to her this past mothers day. I used Kona white and 2 layer cakes of Kate Spain Canyon (I am in love with this line) backed in Tula pink Free Fall fabric (which I also love!). it was long armed and turned out spectacular!

This beautiful quilt is the Swiss quilt. I have actually made *well started* 2 of these, a yellow and a blue version but here is the blue all finished and ready for cuddling. All the blue is from my scraps, Kona white for the crosses. It is backed in a seriousl…
Well 2016 was a whirlwind, my first minion started jk and my second started daycare a few days a week. Adjusting to those schedules was interesting but we made it and here we are halfway through 2017! I have been sewing a ton, way more than I can even remember lol hopefully I can post some of interest .

This was my first finish of 2016. The giant vintage star, I just love how it turned out it is still one of my very favourite quilts (ok yeah most of them are my favourite ever lol)
This Norway quilt is one of my favourites, I used kona solids in Navy, Azure and Graphite. I love using solids in quilts and this turned out fantastic
Ah the swoon one of my favourite patterns. This was made for my daughter. I used all Vanessa Christendon fabrics I love her stuff especially her ombre
This is a memorial quilt for a dear friend who lost her son. His middle name was Fox and I hope it brings her some comfort 
My first ever on point quilt, I made this for a friend I lobe the classic but beautiful…
So I've been very busy trying to keep up with orders as well as Christmas presents for my own family. Since I finished 1 of 3 quilts that are presents the other day I felt it only right to finish a non Christmas present quilt top today. Here is my supersized swoon quilt top 
So it's no secret that I love the swoon. I made myself a queen size swoon and my daughter a normal size swoon and a lot of baby swoon's, but this I love and I know I will be making many more. The traditional swoon block finishes at 24" the block here finishes at more than double. All told I am at approx 68.5" a great size to cuddle with. I'm thinking of posting a tutorial on how I did it. Can't wait to get this finished and ready for cuddling
So a few weeks ago my hubby (mr. Minion) mentioned to me that while I have made a lot of quilts he himself has never received one. What's this you say? Ok well let me rectify that situation my honey. So I know Mr Minion is a huge fan of Star Wars so Boom! Idea received. Hubby will be getting this quilt (once finished) in time for Christmas
In this pic it is still missing the last 2 rows but they are on now and the quilt top is done!! He will be so surprised! The pattern is from Iron Violet Designs I am also so happy I found the perfect backing for it as fast as I did. I usually agonize over finding the perfect backing but I found this within a few days of finishing the top and got it ordered 😃
Boy oh boy seems fall just crept up on me. I had a great summer though! Playing with my minions and of course quilting. The minions seem very interested in quilting so I let them sew whenever I can. I am posting some of the quilts I worked on over the summer right up until yesterday lol.  Below is the plus quilt I made as a quilt along the pattern is from Jelli Quilts but I supersized the baby quilt and made it 50x60" every fabric is from my stash. I love how it turned out and can't wait to have it long armed 
 This baby swoon is my fave. I love how it turned out. I love ombre fabric so much. I can't wait for the backing to come in so I can quilt it

 This sweet feminine baby swoon will be the perfect addition to a little girls room. It is just so delicate and pretty

I love heart quilts . They are just gorgeous, this one is 45x45 perfect for cuddling with.

I jumped on the hedgehog bandwagon. I started with this mini and have now made 5 of them, they are just too cute