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Wow! It's the last day of May! Where did the month go??? I know I was crazy busy with projects. I managed to bind 5 quilts that had been just chilling out on the sidelines, and I also quilted and bound a quilt that is for sale in my etsy shop. I made a pouch for my mom and my mother in law, finished a quilt top for my son, finished 8 of 9 swoon blocks, and finished the giant starburst that was commissioned. I also managed to finish destroying my iPhone. 😥 2 months ago my son accidentally dropped my phone in the just right way as to smash the screen. It still worked but little pieces would randomly fall off. Well on Tuesday I dropped it, that was it's death knell, the lcd screen....dunzo. I lasted till yesterday (friday) with no phone, yesterday at 1:30 when I myself cracked and called my provider and ordered a new phone which thankfully will be here Monday. Whew, normalcy will return. Between my family, and quilting my phone is just something I can't live without. I do ha…
Wow April was a whirlwind!!! Got so much done and May isn't slowing down at all!!!  So it started with me making my first ever flying geese which I love and am now addicted to! The ones below are for a mini swap I'm part of

This toddler quilt got hand bound and is for sale in my etsy shop
 Started laying out my mini pattern
 And here is the top all complete. The pattern is Electrify from Canoe Ridge Creations her directions for making this pattern were amazingly clear and simple.
I finished piecing my very first Irish chain for my dayghter's second birthday 

 I finished hand binding this pixelated heart. This was a wedding gift for a friend

 This quilt was for sale in my etsy shop but sold. This is it after being quilted

 And here it is hand bound right before leaving for it's new home
 This gorgeous giant starburst was commissioned. It is now quilted and ready to be hand bound
 Pieced the label into my son's quilt backing and sent it to be long armed
 Made this qu…