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Well this has been a big year of quilting for me. I first learned to quilt in order to make something special for my son. I finished his first quilt when he was 4 months old. He is almost 3 now and was blessed with a little sister who is a year and a half. When I learned I was having a girl quilting went into high gear. I have made them both lots of quilts (no sign of slowing down) and sold some of my quilts. I think this year I have made 23 quilts. Whew but I love every moment.
I currently have at least 6 left to bind a quilt top to finish, one to start, a pillow to finish and placemats to make (those are for the Christmas table) and 3 quilts to quilt.   My goal is to finish them by dec 31st so I can start pretty much fresh in 2015.
Here are the 2 projects I worked on today
This beautiful red and black quilt is a gift for my mother's birthday (Dec 24th) it started off with 4 fabrics but I quickly decided to just go with the 2 and make it dramatic. Her favourite colour is red so I …
Well I finally discovered how to post pictures to this blog and to call it easy would be an outright lie. But I managed to get some shots on quilts I finished this year (many more than what I'm showing tonight but I'll be happy if this loads). So there is a pic of my giant starburst, the green and grey quilt i made my mom for Mother's Day, the pineapple quilt I am making my hubby for our anniversary and the adorable quilt I made my friends son. More pics soon lol I made a ton of quirks this year. I am so grateful to have found quilting. I loved it so much!